Radar Man: A Personal History of Stealth By Edward Lovick, Jr., Read by Bill Jones

Radar Man: A Personal History of Stealth By Edward Lovick, Jr.,  Read by Bill Jones
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'Radar Man' Insider Reveals Top-Secret Stealth Projects of Lockheed Martin ‘Skunk Works’ and Area 51 Read by Bill Jones

Considered a ‘grandfather of stealth,’ physicist and engineer Edward Lovick, Jr., tells all in new book

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LOS ANGELES – Edward Lovick, Jr.’s resume reads like a pilot’s dream, with work on the U-2, A-12 Oxcart, SR-71 Blackbird and F-117 Nighthawk, among others.  Considered a pioneering “grandfather of stealth” and nicknamed “Radar Man,” Lovick shares now de-classified highlights of a 50-year career designing stealth aircrafts in Radar Man: A Personal History of Stealth.

“I’ve tried to describe the daily lives of people with whom I worked or associated with, while working in a very secret environment,” says Lovick.

The 92-year-old physicist and engineer was asked by famous Lockheed Martin aircraft designer Clarence “Kelly” Johnson to join the “Skunk Works” during the Cold War in 1957. His first assignment was to help the CIA try to create a reconnaissance aircraft that couldn’t be detected in Soviet territory. Lovick became the first radar cross-section reduction physicist at Lockheed in 1957, and helped develop the most lethal and successful stealth aircrafts ever built. Johnson credits Lovick with saving the A-12 OXCART program in his personal notes and a recently de-classified 1968 report to the CIA. 

More than a technical book about aspects of top-secret stealth aircrafts, Radar Man is a personal recollection of some of the scientists and engineers behind the scenes whose life works were these very aircrafts. The book also includes insider information on:

  • Area 51
  • Classified Lockheed “Skunk Works” projects
  • Stealth aircraft design and testing
  • Electromagnetic theory
  • Radar detection concepts


Lovick has been featured in the Los Angeles Times articles “What Plane?” and “The Road to Area 51.” For more information, visit the Radar Man website at http://www.edtheradarman.com.

About the Author: Edward Lovick, Jr., enjoyed a successful 50-year career as an engineer and physicist for Douglas Aircraft, Northrop Aircraft and Lockheed Aircraft companies. Lovick received Lockheed’s Robert E. Gross Award for technical excellence as an Outstanding Scientist/Engineer in 1981. Now retired, he lives in Northridge, Calif., with his wife Sherre (a female engineer who also worked at the Lockheed “Skunk Works”). His hobbies include flying, traveling and playing trombone in a Los Angeles Valley College jazz Big Band.

Lovick urges young adults to pursue science and engineering, and supports non-profit organizations like the Ninety-Nines, Women in Aviation, Experimental Aircraft Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association that encourage youth and females to fly.  “Science is fun, and I want to encourage others to pursue science and engineering so that they also can experience the fun and adventures,” says Lovick.


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